Monday, 19 October 2015

Still on the Linda Ikeji's matter...

I'm sure a lot of us are aware that Linda Ikeji has been trending for few days now. A lot are happy and really inspired, yours truly included. Some others are envious while other people are hating and blabbing their mouths concerning her success, and are against her buying herself a house. Biko, is it because she is a woman? If it were a guy, will they give the same reasons why she shouldn't enjoy her money? I mean HER HARD EARNED MONEY. Nawa.

See, God has blessed us all, what we need to do is to tap into our ordained gift and pray for favor. Like she said in the last paragraph of her well inspired writeup on her blog, "When God wants to bless you, He will bless you...even if you're selling toothpick". Yes, that's the point.

A lady actually said on Facebook that even if she had such money, she won't spend it on a house. Really? With that much money in my account, why won't I make myself comfortable, so far I'm paying my tithe and regularly assisting the less privileged. My dear, I'm gonna buy myself a private jet if I can afford it. Inukwa.

Some others are saying she should go and get married, and who will ever marry her. Waitoo, so should her life be placed on hold cos she's not married yet? I shake my head for them all.

Instead of hating, why not celebrate her and pray that you will be celebrated soonest. Decree and speak LIFE into any dead area in your life's hustle, and believe that it will yield good fruit. Pray without ceasing, and the good Lord in his infinite mercy will grant us the favor we all pray for.

Cheers to us getting ALL our heart desires. Congrats once again Linda. Do have a wonderful week dearest Pamscribers.


  1. Linda tried big time....500mil no be joke oooo. May God bless the work of our hands

  2. What I have learnt in life is no matter what, haters are goon hate.

  3. N Linda dey trend

    God choosed to bless her. It's not about hardwork

  4. Well well well. People will always talk. Linda Ikeji is living the life of her dreams (whether married or not).

    Hello Pam.

  5. Linda Ikeji is the talk ofthe moment.

    the queenette herself.

  6. As long as she is doing a legitimate job[blogging], haters can go and hug a transformer nearest to NEPA or phcn office in a place where a top politician is leaving! *i hope you understand why i gave a vivid description of where to hug it*

  7. They are busy hating while she is busy succeeding i love that kind of hate abeg..

  8. God has blessed her.....

  9. I wonder why people are hating like it's their money. Go Linlin!


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