Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Happy Birthday Pam!!!

Chop kiss biko.

OK, I posted this on Facebook, will like to share it here too with you.

This day twenty something years ago, a 5.1kg beautiful girl was born, and from then to this present day God has kept and directed her path. I am that girl, and indeed God has been so good to me. I may have not gotten to where I wanna be yet but I'm surely not where I used to be in the past years. So, this is to Wishing myself, Orji Ugochi Pamela, a beautiful, mouth watering, graceful, favorable, testimony filled, new year... The sky is just a starting point and may all my heart desires come to pass this season... Happy birthday to me and God bless me and mine... Cheers Pam... I am the real MVP.

So, today is my birthday hunnies, and I'm so excited. I hope you pray for me in your little corners. Thank you and God bless.


  1. Happy birthday darling.May this year brings good tidings to you,may you nevee have a better yesterday.may his light of countenance shines upon you.
    .have a great day

  2. Happy birthday.....long life and prosperity in good health. Have a wonderful day


  3. Happy Birthday dear. May God bless you in all ramifications of your life. Cheers to a new and better age

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  5. happy birthda pams God bless your new age


  6. chai, see as my schedule no make me wish my Feb mate happy birthday... HBD Pam.... LLNP..... Feb babies, we rock like Gold...

    #2025 will birth #2428

  7. Happy birthday, even though its gone.



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